The Game Plan to Success! (Setting/Achieving Goals)


This program has been designed to give attendees a blueprint that allows them to take their goals, dreams, aspirations and make them become a reality. In sports, the coach comes up with a solid game plan for the team to execute and win the game. It all starts with foundation. In real estate, the foundation of property will determine how strong or how long the home or building will last for. In education, business, and life, setting/achieving goals serves as the foundation of your success!




Attendees will learn:


• A 4-step process of how to make goals and aspirations become a reality

• How setting goals can help you get to your finish line

• The importance of discovering your purpose!

• How education plays a key role in your success

• The art of Focus and how to develop/maintain it in your life!




Thrive! Don’t Just Survive! (Unleashing Your Full Potential)


This session is a blueprint for moving out of your everyday comfort zone of just “getting by” and exploring yourself to tap into the inner greatness that you might not even know you have! Garrett explains the concept in a fundamental way that creates a different perspective to everyday living. Garrett believes that everyone has been born to Thrive, but many have been conditioned to only Survive.





Attendees will learn:


• The three principles that will help audience members go from surviving to Thriving!

• The importance of finding your passion

• How to use your passion to feed into your purpose

• The power of your network

• Ways you can invest in yourself to ensure you get to your finish line quickly



The Game Changer! (The Power of Mentors)


Most successful people have had the help and guidance of others that were more experienced, knowledgeable, and talented than they were. Coaches and mentors have been highly respected and thought of for many years. Garrett teaches his audience that if you want to be successful and shave many years off your learning curve, then you should invest into a mentor. Mentors can not only hear what isn’t being said, but can also see what someone is fully capable of achieving. Mentors can help push you to the next level. Mentors have the ability to Change the Game for you!





Attendees will learn:


• How mentors can help you gain more clarity

• How mentors can help shave years off your learning curve

• How mentors can serve as a personal GPS

• How mentors can help add value to your life, education, and career

• How to be strategic when finding a mentor


Get Up! Go Out! Go Get It! (Work Ethic)


This program is all about taking your current work ethic level and turning it up a notch. Garrett guides his audience through his three-step process of how to get more accomplished. In order to accomplish your goals, you must grow outside of your comfort zone, and learn to take massive action to get desired results. Often times people focus so much time and energy on pondering about the process involved to get things accomplished. The reality is that once you SHOW UP, you’re already half way there to getting to your finish line!




Attendees will learn:


• The Importance of taking initiative, and how to turn up your current work ethic level

• How simply “showing up” can be the half way point towards your success!

• The importance of getting outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals

• How taking massive action can lead to getting more accomplished


Your NETWORK is Your NET WORTH! (Networking)


Its not always about WHAT you know, but its about WHO you know! Your degree, certification, skills, and experience will ONLY make your qualified. However, your relationships and connections will help you earn a seat at the table. With the massive amount of people that are in college, and in the workforce, this makes everything much more competitive! Your connections will help you cut through all the noise, and help you open the door of your next opportunity. In addition, the people who you associate with, will help dictate your destiny. If you want to increase your net worth, you should change circles, and hang with more people with a higher net worth! As the saying goes, birds of a feather, flock together!



Attendees will learn:


• How to build an effective elevator pitch that will help market their personal brand

• How to network with others, including people of high influence

• How to get over the fears of meeting strangers/new people

• How networking can help you move up in your career/business

• The importance of surrounding yourself with others that have more experience



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