Meet Life Skills Coach and Motivational Speaker Garrett Lee

Why do some people THRIVE, and others just get by to SURVIVE?


Today’s society praises and recognizes its heroes, not only for their ability to succeed, but their ability to bounce back from their setbacks.


Garrett’s purpose is to motivate, inspire, and help young adults tap into their full potential through personal and professional development.


Garrett has had many setbacks in his life, and has become living proof that regardless of what circumstances may look like, your attitude, mentality, and drive, all have a huge influence on your success you have in life.


One of Garrett’s biggest struggles during his youth was barely making it into college. Because of his low ACT score, Garrett got put into a program that was separate from the actual university he attended. He had to take courses that would brush him up in particular subjects, in order to get accepted into the actual university. Garrett took action by taking advantage of the school’s math and learning center, and spent numerous hours with different tutors until he could learn and master his material. Because of these action steps that were taken, Garrett was able to transition out of the Center for Access and Transition, into the Lindner College of Business within two years.


Another one of Garrett’s setbacks he experienced in college was failure to receive placement within both the UC Co-Op, and the Internship Program. Within no time, Garrett joined a UC organization, which forced him to learn how to network, and maintain his own professional brand. Mr. Lee shortly took advantage of a networking opportunity, which led to him securing a position at Verizon Wireless.


Garrett has used the skills that he learned in college to help him: network with professionals, develop his personal brand, overcome adversity, and understand his purpose in life.


Please contact Garrett now, so he can help add value to your school or organization!



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Life Skills Coach & Motivational Speaker

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